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I am 51 and have experienced many forms of trauma and have had to battle with domestic violence and abusive partners most of my life. My life seems like a living nightmare sometimes and I am grateful to God for being such a strong woman. I have been told how amazing it is I can still function after everything I have been through so I am sharing my stories to spread hope and information to combat the evil that is consuming this world and the people in it. The things I write about are real but seem far fetched I’m sure, but pay attention because what you think can’t be real, really is. Women and children that need help getting out of abusive situations are not being heard, only judged unfairly and then lose their kids which further traumatizes the child. More people need to speak up when they see something is wrong, ask if you can help or get someone who can.

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I was born outside of Chicago and was raised in Illinois for most of my life. I was an alcoholic for most of my life and had no idea why until I quit and started remembering things. It was hard to look at most of it and knowing if it were true or not was difficult when I had so many people telling me I was crazy for what I was saying. I had a hard time piecing the events of my life together because who has a life like that? How I was able to know if things were true or not was because of the timeline of events. I have come to find out some very disturbing facts, I still struggle with a lot of it and find myself sitting staring at the floor, unable to move for hours sometimes. My children mean the most to me in all the world but I haven’t been the best mother either. I know I could have been, if I has been given different circumstances. Now I just try to make it through everyday without being so hard on myself and try to pass on the message of survival. Read more

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