Hello, I’m Kim!

ON MY WEBSITE Visit my website where I tell some of my personal experiences and share my knowledge on domestic violence. The characteristics of a person who has power and control issues are things nobody would think to look for, and the things they do seem minimal at first but actually break down the spirit and dfestroys the victim down to the soul along with their entire life.

Domestic violence victims and the children they have are not getting the help that is needed to save them from a hell that could kill them. Unless you have been through what I have been through, and many other women and children are going through, let’s say it’s indescribable.

REVIEWS I also share some of my reviews of videos on Youtube on the subject “Making Money Online” There are ,many different ways that is said you can make money online but can you really and where do you find the sites to sign up for? I have found some interesting ones and went through many of them for you. The ones that you can make money with takes dedication and some research before you may think it’s worth it. After a while I had to start writing down which ones I signed up for because there were so many it was hard to keep track of.

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