Here I am including my Facebook link so everyone can get to know me and what my passions in life are. I want you to be able to follow and be part of my journey from here on out. I want everyone to know I am a trustworthy person and only want the best for everyone. The goals I have set for myself are going to take a lot of work so I hope people join my cause and together we can change the world we are living in.

Awareness is key to everything in life, sharing my stories and the red flags abusers use is the most important in life because my focus is on providing help to those who still struggle with domestic violence. These days people who see another struggle take advantage of the person’s weakness instead of helping them up like it used to be. It used to be people were kind, honest, and trustworthy, they would help because it was the right thing to do. Now days people help so they will benefit from it or they can hold it over a person for unlimited returns, it’s sickening.

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