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Can I Have A Better Family Please!

I was hesitant about coming out here to Arizona in the first place but I had really no choice after the fire happened and I was released from the hospital. The family I have living here is my mom and older sister, my mother said I could stay with her to heal and put myselfContinue reading “Can I Have A Better Family Please!”

Child Victims of Abuse

While the horrors of abuse are apparent in primary victims—children who witness the abuse of their mothers, fathers, or other family members, are impacted throughout their lives. This article will look into the lasting psychological and physical effects of a child’s exposure to domestic violence. To reduce the risk of these effects, it is also important to highlight waysContinue reading “Child Victims of Abuse”

Birth of Financial Freedom Girl

In the last year I have heard that so many people work from home since the virus hit that I decided I also need to make money from home too. I had absolutly no idea what kind of things someone could do to make a living on a computer so I had to find out.Continue reading “Birth of Financial Freedom Girl”

Make Money With This Website

If you don’t know about the many websites to make money then you are losing out on some easy cash. Everyone uses the phone, and some even spend all day on it so why not make some money while your using your phone? I have checked out a lot of sites that say you canContinue reading “Make Money With This Website”

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