To Love And Be Loved

Finding true love almost never happens, as you see in movies and in life everyday when people say I love you to one another it’s never the way God intended it to be. There are struggles, yes, but in relationships there will be issues that come up and you work together to resolve whatever it may be about. It’s the commitment to communicate that is the most important in this story because in order to be able to grow and live life together with another person as your partner it takes work and dedication to be happy.

I still believe love exists, just not for me. I have given all I can to love and found out that most people are out for themselves and they are part of the dismantle and destroy crue. I have used so much energy trying to find a partner only to find out how much time I wasted when I should have just listened to my instincts. I can’t trust anymore, not that I really did to begin with, but since the last time I had put faith in someone I considered to be my partner it turned out really bad. I put my guard down to believe this man would protect me even though I knew he was not the most upstanding citizen. In the beginning he did and continued to through many years but then one day the evil in him took over and he was gone. It is very sad because I did love this person and was in love with him in every sense of the words “head over heels” and everyone could see it except him I guess.

I only wish for the love to return to the planet so our young ones can have a chance at true happiness, and the ability to grow old together and find that life was good when reaching the end. Good stories to share with their grandchildren at Christmas time that are full of love will bring hope, and I believe that growing up listening to stories of love will help continue to mold the way for love in their future.

I sit back and watch couples today and I don’t see the same as I did before when two people in love would look at each other. It looks different, and controlled. I was reading the bible one day curious what Jesus says about love and his vision for us. I found the story to be very compelling, and the way love was seen was beautiful and effortless. That’s the way it was for me and Jack, it was so much fun to be around him, when we would have fun together it was effortless. People seemed to be jealous of the way we would get along and play. I always wondered why everyone didn’t get alone this way and what is the reason that makes them disrespect each other in public when they are supposed to have each other’s back no matter what, right, wrong, or indifferent.

The willingness to bear all and commit to communicate all things to one another are the contributing factors that will determine how deep the hearts will go with one another. Instead of cutting yourself off completely from this chance at true love and happiness look for the small signs I talk about early on in your relationship to see if the Red Flags are present, this will help you to build some trust slowly with the other person and it will also tell you if you should get out before things go bad.

Use the brain and rational thinking before just jumping into a relationship with your heart so you are solid all the way through and won’t have to wonder when it’s going to go down hill. No guessing in the protection of your kids, you will already have built that security in your judgement about your partner based on facts not fiction. There is nothing wrong with being cautious especially these days. Too many people take advantage of any situation they can and want to ruin you just because they can, it’s a sad reality but good people are still out there….somewhere.

Take Care,


Published by Ms Kiim

I have had a hard life and been through some tough experiences. I have a lot of information to share when it comes to domestic violence and abuse of every kind, the cycle of abuse is a horrible place to live and I hope to empower women so they have a chance to break free and change the quality of life for themself and the children.

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